About Us - Tom and Nobby

Where Wood Meets Wit!

Welcome to Signs Pop – the ultimate destination where trees are transformed into treasure troves of laughter! πŸŒ²πŸ˜‚

Our Story: From Timber to Titters

Our journey began with two friends, Tom and Nobby, who shared two passions: a love for woodworking and a wicked sense of humor. One day, amidst sawdust and chuckles, they looked at a piece of wood and thought, "Why not make it laugh?" And thus, Signs Pop was born – a place where humor is carved into every grain.

The Dynamic Duo: Tom & Nobby

Tom, with his eye for design and knack for nailing the perfect punchline, and Nobby, the master craftsman who can turn even the knottiest wood into a work of art, make the perfect team. Together, they're on a mission to fill homes with smiles, one sign at a time.

Our Craft: Chuckles Carved in Wood

At Signs Pop, each sign is a blend of Tom's witty wizardry and Nobby's artisanal excellence. From puns that make you pause to sayings that make you snort, our signs are a testament to the power of a good laugh.

Not Just Any Decor

Our range is as diverse as our sense of humour – from the gently jocular to the daringly risquΓ©. Whether you want to spruce up your living room with a giggle or shock your guests into laughter, we have the sign for you. But be warned: our signs might just become the center of attention!

Laughing with the Planet in Mind

Tom and Nobby are not just about making people laugh; they're also about respecting Mother Nature. That's why our wood is sustainably sourced. We're here to tickle your funny bone, not poke the planet!

Come Join the Fun!

Follow us for a daily dose of humour and a regular reminder that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. With Signs Pop, Tom and Nobby are not just creating signs; they're creating a movement of mirth.

Remember, in a world full of doors, be a sign that makes someone smile!

Our Promise

No trees were overly traumatised in the making of our jokes. They were in on the fun too!